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"Norton Antivirus support"

Norton Antivirus support

About Norton Upgrade

You can easily upgrade your Norton products. If you are using the previous version of Norton products then upgrade to newest one. One of the reasons to upgrade Norton products is that it fixes the problems which are related to the previous version of your Norton product. There are two methods for Upgrading Norton Antivirus

  • Upgrade from previous Norton Security version to the latest one.
  • Upgrade from one Norton product to another one (For example Upgrade from Norton 360 to Norton Security).


Upgrade from Previous Version

If you already installed Norton Antivirus with the lower version in your computer then, you can upgrade into the current version. There are two types of Update processes namely Automated update process and Manually Update. Automated update process automatically detect your software and its version and then makes an update decision. In a manual update, you have to select your software and its version. After that, you get an option for upgrade.

Upgrade from Another Norton Product

In this method, you upgrade from Norton 360 or Norton Antivirus to the latest version of Norton Security. One thing is always to remember that if you are going to upgrade then, first of all, uninstall the previous version of Norton.

Features of Norton Antivirus

The following are the numbers of salient features which are provided by Norton Products.

  • Protect home computer, office computers and mobiles from online threats.
  • Protect your computer data from unauthorized access and malicious websites.
  • Norton security prevents the interference of virus, worm, Trojan, spyware, malware, and ransomware in the systems.
  • Block all the download and harmful websites which are dangerous to a computer and mobile.
  • It improves the PC lifetime. The average lifetime of a PC is betweenfour and five years. Norton security fixes common issues that can cause PC slowdowns and helps keep your PC running smoothly.
  • It provides backs up to PC user’s Photos, files, and other important documents according to your choice. You can easily recover damaged and deleted files by using Norton Utilities.

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