Norton account customer service phone number

Norton Account customer service phone number 1-877-208-1369

Norton Antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus programs in the world. We are going to tell you about how can solve Norton Account Related Problems. you easily solve all question related to Norton Antivirus And How you can Contact Norton Account Customer Service Phone Number. If you are facing such kind of Norton antivirus issue then call us Norton Antivirus toll free number 1-877-208-1369.we provide you troubleshooting for Norton antivirus issues.

How To Cancel Norton Antivirus?

There are two ways ,you can easily remove or uninstall Norton antivirus from your computer.

Method 1. Remove Norton Antivirus with help of Control panel

  • Open Control Panel By Pressing Windows Logo.
  • Under Control Panel Click On Programs And Feathers.
  • Under Program’s Click and Find Norton Antivirus
  • Then Finally Click On Uninstall.

Method 2. Remove Norton Antivirus with the help of Norton Uninstaller

You can safely remove your antivirus without damaging your computer files with the help of Norton Uninstaller.

How To Delete Norton Account

If you want to delete Norton Account then follow these steps :-

  • Sign in to your Norton account.
  • On the Devices page, click the ellipse icon available below the device that you want to remove.
  • In the menu that appears, click Delete Device.
  • In the Remove Device confirmation dialog box, click Remove.

How to update Norton Account

You can change your billing information, Automatic Renewal Service, email address and account password in the Norton account.

1.Manage Automatic Renewal and Subscription settings

Norton account is the place where you can manage your automatic renewal service.

  • Sign in to Norton to update Norton Automatic Renewal Service.
  • In the Subscriptions page, next to the Active Norton product for which you want to update Automatic Renewal, move the slider to turn it on or off.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

2.Change email address

  • Sign In to Norton to update your email address.
  • In the Personal Information page, under Email and Password click the edit icon next to your email address.
  • Type your Norton account password and type in your new email addressIn Change Email Address window.
  • Click Submit.



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