Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser tool for Windows PC

Why do we Need Antivirus Software?

In order to keep your PC healthy and runs smoothly, you need to install Antivirus software. It is no matter how carefully you handle your laptop and PC but you always need a protection to safe your computer from harmful virus and malicious software. There is only one of the best way to protect your devices from the virus is “Norton Antivirus”.

AS you all know, Norton is most widely used anti-malware software in the world. Norton Antivirus is powerful and advanced software which detects and remove the harmful virus-like file infectors, system infectors, trojans, spyware, and online threats.

What is Norton Power Eraser

Norton power eraser is a free antivirus and security tool which is developed by Symantec. It makes you able to remove the virus that can’t be removed by your current antivirus software. If you have Symantec product or other security product then you can download and run Norton power eraser on windows computers.

It is suitable for Microsoft Windows only. It does not work with MAC computers. Norton power eraser does not require installation. It quickly scans your computer and detects the most aggressive viruses. When the scan is finished, it displays the results and asks you what to do next. Without your permission, it does not remove critical system files. Norton power eraser is a great tool for cleaning device and USB memory.

If you want to get more knowledge about Norton Antivirus then click here.

How Norton Eraser Tool Work

Here are some simple steps which describe the working criteria of Norton eraser for windows. Before knowing how Norton Power is work, you have to download Norton power eraser on your PC.

The following steps guide you how to download NPE

  1. Open the internet browser and download the Norton Power Eraser.
  2. Select the file location and click on save.
  3. When the download is finished, open the download file.
  4. Double click on NPE.exe to run this file on the device.
  5. Read the license agreement, and click Accept.

Run a Scan

  1. Once the Norton power eraser is downloaded, your next step is scanning your device.
  2. In the Norton Power Eraser window, click on scan icon.
  3. Norton power also performs rootkit scan and it requires a system restart. When you will see restart window then click on Restart.
  4. If you don’t to perform rootkit scan then go to settings and uncheck the rootkit scan.
  5. Wait until the scan is not complete.

How to fix the risks

  1. When the scan is completed, Norton eraser displays the scan result. The files and items that Norton power detect are considering as risks. And after ask you what to do next.
  2. If you see No Risks Found, simply click OK and exit the program.
  3. If you see files that are considered as bad then check the remove box under action.
  4. Click Fix Now and Norton power automatically remove these files.
  5. If Norton eraser requires restarting the computer then click Restart Now.
  6. After successful removal of the detected files, click on Done.

Benefits of Norton Power Eraser

  1. It is an aggressive virus removal tool that works with high technology.
  2. It is used when user unable to removes the virus, malware, and online threats while they are using another antivirus software.
  3. Norton eraser delete all the viruses that are present for a long time on your computer
  4. Power eraser also detects and remove those malicious files and software that down grade the performance and speed of your computer.

If you are facing any issues or trouble related Norton power eraser tool at the time of downloading and running, you can take help by dialing our Norton number 1-877-208-1369.

Norton Antivirus

Best way to get knowledge about Norton Antivirus

About Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is a malware removal software. Norton was introduced by Symantec. This software is a very popular anti-virus program and has been used by many people to protect their systems from malware. Norton Security is the best way to protect our system. We recommend that everyone to use Norton Software and keep safe your system. But sometimes many users face some technical issues when they use it.Such as Norton installation issues, upgrades, system security issues.But best thing is that Symantec provide Norton Customer service for resolve all issues.

Following are the key features of Norton antivirus:

  • Always up-to dateproduct Version: Norton automatically send to you important item related to their product and features update all year round. Automatically installs new features without you need to do anything.
  • It Can run in the background, work silently..
  • Network defensive layer protection can stop online threats before arriving at your computer online.
  • Quick Scans your email and instant messengers for suspicious links, attachments, and other tricks cybercriminals use to steal your identity and your hard-earned money.
  • Norton Protection System offers multiple layers of patent protection that detect and eliminate threats faster and more accurately than other technologies.

Following are some common issues with Norton Antivirus:

  • Installation Problems: When you can install Norton Antivirus on your system, but sometimes occur some problem when you install Norton Antivirus, and you don’t understand it, you can contact Norton Customer service numbers to resolve the problem quickly.
  • Browser Crash: Sometimes you find that Windows Explorer crashes while Norton antivirus software continues to run in the background, causing some problems. Just contact Norton helpline numbers to solve these types of problems.
  • Poor Windows 7 Upgrade Compatibility: Many users have face the problems of installing Norton Antivirus on a Windows 7 upgrade system. You are one of them too.So you want to solve this problem, just contact Nortonphone number.
  • Outlook, Windows Live, and Windows Live Mail Compatibility: Norton Antivirus is sometimes found to cause problems with Outlook e-mail clients. If you want to resolve these issues, please contact Norton Support Number.

To get Norton Help and remove all above issues

Our main goal is to protect your computer from any malware attacks and to provide the best anti-virus software and resolve all their issue. If you encounter any technical issues related to Norton Software and you are unable to resolve the issue, you don’t need to worry about it. supportknowhow team being ready to assist you. We have well-educated and technically sound professionals who can solve all your problems. Only you can contact Norton support phone number 1877-208-1369. We have learned new techniques to adjust our expectations of our customers. Every day we innovate new standards of technical support to improve our knowledge and skills. We provide our employees with training and guidance to enable them to respond better to customer requests in a credible manner.