How to fix Norton Antivirus Issues?


This article contains the process to resolve Norton Support Antivirus issues automatically and manually like for error 3039, You can fix this error by download a software called Norton Error repair tool, This tool will automatically diagnose the error and the software try to resolve it automatically by searching in to the Norton support antivirus files in the root of the software folder this post will help you to troubleshoot some most common error mesages or pop ups related to Norton support Security Error 3039, Norton Security Error 3039 may be caused by windows system files damage this system warnings and entries can be a real threat to the well being of your computer.

Simple Fixes

  • This problem might be temporary. Wait a few moments to see if everything starts functioning again.
  • Either increase your RAM or start closing programs that are running in the foreground and background of your computer that you don’t need. Follow the following steps:
    1. Press the ‘Alt’, ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Del’ buttons all at the same time, and you should bring up Windows Task Manager.
    2. See if any programs show up in the ‘Applications’ window as not being responsive.
    3. If anything shows, highlight it and click ‘End Task’.
    4. Wait a few seconds, and the non-responsive programs should shut down.

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